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Proposed Amendments in provisions of Income from Other Sources

Income from Other Sources

1. Compliance with the notification of exemption issued under section 56(2)(viib)

The provisions of section 56(2)(viib) of the Act provides for charging of the consideration received for issue of shares by certain companies, where such consideration exceeds the fair market value of such shares. However, the Central Government is empowered to notify that the provisions of this section shall not be applicable to consideration received by a notified company. Certain notifications issued under this sub clause by the Central Government provide for exemption, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. With a view to ensure compliance to the conditions specified in the notification,

it is proposed to provide that in case of failure to comply with the conditions, the consideration received for issue of shares which exceeds the face value of such shares shall be deemed to be the income of the company chargeable to income-tax for the previous year in which the failure to comply with any of the said conditions has taken place.

2. Consequential amendment to section 56

The existing provisions of the section 56 of the Income-tax Act, inter alia, provide that income by way of interest received on compensation or on enhanced compensation referred to in section 145A(b) shall be chargeable to tax. The Finance Act, 2018 substituted the provisions of section 145A with sections 145A and section 145B. However, no consequential amendment is made in section 56.

It is proposed to amend section 56 of the Act to provide the correct reference of section 145B(1) in section 56, in place of the existing reference of section 145A(b).

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